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Heat :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
Too Many Times
Too many times I tried to extend a hand...
Too many times I tried to keep you close to my heart,
Too many times I tried for something.
No more.
Too many times waiting by...
Too many times trying for an olive branch,
Too many times I treasured our past.
No more pain.
Too many times I waited for you...
Too many times wondering what your doing,
Too many times I wanted you there.
No more crying.
Too many times I stayed up too late...
Too many times I let it go,
Too many times I made excuses.
No more waiting for you to change.
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
Holding together the pieces of your heart
as you watch the shattered pieces
fall straight through your tight hands
tumbling in slow motion to the floor...
hit with a splash
on the deep ocean of clichéd tears
filled with the dark emotions
that you hide behind your eyes
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 3
We Will Sheer You
All you do is go and eat grass all day
Your wool is too long anyway
You got mud in yo wool
Get the sheers
Get the shear up outta their place
We will we will sheer you
We will we will sheer you
Sheep you’re not a young foal, small foal
Bleeting in the fields gunna take on the wolf someday
You got crap on yo face
To the farm you’re a disgrace
Waving your tail all over the place
We will we will sheer you
We will we will sheer you
Sheep youre an old coat, cheap wool
Walkin all stiff from your new shaved legs!
You used to have crap on your face
To the farm you where a disgrace
Somebody put the shears back into their place!
We did we did sheer you
we did we did sheer you
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
I.D by Whats-your-angle I.D :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 14
Eye Contact -Boy-
Well. Wasn't that eventful.
   My hand brushed the metal of the locker, the cold surface slightly sting my overly sensitive finger tips. My green heavy math book was quickly shoved in the small box, and my blue science book went with it. I pushed my hand through my hair, trying to get the strands from my eyes. The scarf was slipping down my chest, but I didn't bother to try and push it back, as the weather didn't effect me much. I grabbed the brown bag that held my lunch, an apple, a beef stick, and a small juice pouch. "Gee thanks mom, way to go out of your way..." She keeps forgetting that I don't eat meat. So technically I have an apple and juice for lunch. Great. I slammed my locker with a little bit more force than necessary. When I turned I had at least five people just staring at me, which actually I was very used to. I guess when a person doesn't talk, isn't "hanging" with friends, or doing the normal thing, that everyone gets the right to stare at them.
I paid t
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
Eye Contact -Girl-
   He sat next to me everyday, twirling his pencil by the lead on the old, worn desk. His paper sometimes getting those streaks of dirty eraser, showing that not even an eraser can be perfect. His eyes never lifted from the on the desk while the teacher talked. He never moved unless his answer was needed and then his voice came out in a low deep rumble that shook my nerve endings. His other hand rested on the desk, blocking the others from seeing his bubbled answers, each a dark, even filled circle. I had to admit that once in a while I have looked over and stolen one ...or more answers from him, after all he was the smartest in class.
   I remember once I was struggling on a stupid problem, even if it was the last one, I just couldn't remember the stupid war. So I debated with myself, then debated, and pressing my lips together in decision, I glanced quickly over to his paper. Once I had registered the letter "C" in my mind, I looked to his face and my ow
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 0
R-eigning supreme in the hearts of humans.
A-iming to infect the beliefs of the innocent.
I-diotic notions they’ll leave you alone.
N-ever going to be the same again.
B-een rotting in your mind.
O-wning you...
W-anting out...
S-inister monsters ready to claw out of you.
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
Mature content
No Parental Guidence...-Crying :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 0
No Parental Guidence...-Roses-
I don't like roses.
Everyone likes roses. They are so pretty, so elegant.
I don't see what their disillusioned minds show them.
The rose's petals bloom in their eyes, blinding them to the truth. They miss the sharp thin thorns ready to slice open the tender pads of their fingers.
No matter how something looks on the outside, there’s always a twisted demented thing in the back ground ready to wrap it’s darkness around you. I used to be scared of the shadows inside me, I used to push them back and let them grow, afraid one day the deep well inside would just burst. And my hatred would spill like the plague inside me, contaminate me, fill me.
I used to hide in the shadows afraid of my own self, a smile on my face for anyone to view, a laugh on my lips for everyone to hear. I took my steps with care, not to jar anything that would be let loose. My heart would pound when someone came near me, afraid for them to see the smile never reached my eyes, the laugh was never true. I didn&
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 5
Me now Woot by Whats-your-angle Me now Woot :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 4 Folded Butterfly by Whats-your-angle Folded Butterfly :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 0
You used to be with me all the time
You used to be my shadow
When ever I turned around you where there
Laughing and crying wanting and sighing
Now when I reach for you
You slip so far away and I touch the whispers
Of the wind left in your wake.
My tears stream down my face,
The dark feels so lonely anymore
I see you but I cant bring myself to open my mouth
You wouldn’t listen anymore anyways,
You’re deaf to me and my arms.
:iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 19
Overboard... by Whats-your-angle Overboard... :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 0 2 Dedication by Whats-your-angle Dedication :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 13 Alviss by Whats-your-angle Alviss :iconwhats-your-angle:Whats-your-angle 1 14

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 20, 2009, 9:51 AM

Well...the Georgia thing didn't work out.

Bu I did accomplish my goal of moving out.

1. I moved to Alabama!

2. And I am married. (A goal I never thought I'd hit.)

Okay in order:

1. On October 9th I left my house early afternoon. I had packed two suitcases so full that they almost burst. I had a blanket pillow and my favorite stuffed wolf that I couldn't bare to leave behind. I had my three tickets in my hand, and I climbed in the front seat of my mom's car for the last time. She drove straight there, no stopping, and she stood there until an hour later they called my bus. I boarded the bus, with her crying and texting and trying to call. I just waved bye. (You can't understand why I barely felt emotion. Random journal posting of how bad it was would never give you the full berth of that house and the people in it)

I stayed on that bus then transferred, then transferred after a four hour layover, and then at 11:00am I saw him. I was so nervous I could barely look at him. After a while we got in the car, and I have to say there has been something missing from every kiss I've ever had.


But when he took my head gently in his hand and placed his lips to mine, I wanted to melt into a puddle of goo on the floor.

So I'm here now. We stayed in a hotel for a while, and then moved in with his in-laws, which are awesome people. We're here til Jan and then we get our own apartment.

2. On October 13th I got married. The funniest part? My one month anniversary fell on a Friday...only I can achieve that :lol: I married the perfect guy. A lot of women say that, but I know I did, yah sure he has he faults (Contradicts the perfect I know xD) But he cares for me when I'm sick, taking a day off of school to rub my back as I was puking up water for sickly sakes! He gives into me and brushes my hair, and even when I'm being the biggest dork I can be he holds me and calls me adorable. We have the same ideals to raise kids (not yet!); he wants to go old with me. Perfect enough for me!

Anyways. I do miss my buddies, but still talk to them; I miss Florida a bit, but not my family. I LOVE THE LANDSCAPE AROUND HERE!!!

As will be evident in the next few deviantart posts you will see. I will be deleting some old devations, ones that are doubles, sound the same or are some "too much emo"

Have a nice day!

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